iPhone Not Charging

Why iPhone Is Not Charging In Proper Manner ?

Is iphone not charging when plugged in with power socket? Reason could be versatile like battery of iphone may be dead, charging port may have some debris which may become obstacle, USB port may not be working properly, issue with iphone software ,may be some damage to iphone whether it had been broken or dropped in water may become hurdle in charging. In order to abolish technical glitches, it is recommended to seek proper assistance. Outstanding approach to procure quality assistance is reach out apple technical specialist who are well versed with innovative technology and have latest knowledge to resolve issue in professional manner. User can seek cent percent satisfactory response24/7 round the clock.

Walk On Setoff Step By Step Solution That Has Been Provided By iPhone Customer Service Illustrated Below-

User is required to hard reset iphone in uniform manner

  • User is required to press and hold power button
  • Now user is required to hold together power and home button simultaneously
  • User is required to hold until apple logo appears on screen
  • User can now check that whether device is being charged

User is required to discard the debris out of iphone charging port in proper manner

  • User is required to on flashlight of and put it on charging port available at bottom of iphone
  • Now among nine port user is required to check that is there any accumulation of debris, if yes user is required to clean it with brush

User is required to reset all setting in jiffy

  • User is required to tap on setting option available on device
  • Furthermore, tap on general option
  • Now user is required to tap on reset option and moving ahead with reset on reset all setting in remarkable manner
  • User is required to enter passcode in accurate manner
  • Furthermore, user is required to tap on reset all setting in popup that appears on screen
  • Finally user can check if iphone is charging in significant manner

User is required to restore in itunes

  • User is required to connect iphone to mac device
  • Furthermore, user is required to tap on device tab option available left side of screen
  • Moving to next step, user is required to tap on backup option
  • User is required to halt for few seconds until backup gets completed
  • Now user is required to tap on restore option
  • Once done, user can try charging of device once again in successful way

Sometime problem may be so much perplexing and complex and it may become difficult for user to resolve at their own. User can strictly reach out expertise by ringing call on iPhone Technical Support Phone Number to get magnificent solution in quick span of time. All wear and tear and electronic failures are handled by expertise in professional manner. User can seek satisfactory solution without investing much penny in case product is under warranty period. If the product is out of warranty, user is required to pay affordable charges to resolve the error completely. Customer can seek wide array of dexterous solution from adroit expertise through email, chat session, remote support at doorstep in couple of moment.

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