iPhone Not Switching ON

Apple iPhone Not Switching ON Then Contact To Expert Via Helpline Number

Iphone is an amazing device from Apple. It has more memory, the best operating system ios which is self secured, high quality camera, synchronization feature to sync all the Apple device user have with one single Apple account. Iphone is now a days very popular among people all over the world. Technology is much advanced in Iphone in comparison to other existing companies but after all it is a device which may face technical issues like Iphone is slow, or iphone not switching on or it got froze or screen is not responding on touch etc etc. These are common technical issues so user doesn't need to panic but to follow few troubleshooting steps.

  • First check out the battery. May be the battery is too low or zero so plug in the charger for one hour.
  • If user finds that the screen is black or not responding or buttons or keys are not responding then quickly press the volume up button and release then quickly press the volume down button and then release. Now press and hold the button on the side for few seconds till the Apple logo is visible.
  • If the Iphone is on but still stuck then connect the iphone with a laptop or computer and open ITunes in that.
  • Now press and hold volume buttons or side button (that depends upon which iphone user have. If it is iphoen X or iphone 8 then press and release volume up and down button. If it is iphone 7 then press the side button.) Press till you see the recovery mode on the screen.
  • Don't release the button on appearance of apple logo. Keep pressed till the screen shows recovery mode.
  • On the laptop or computer screen, a box will appear showing update or restore. click on Update.
  • Itunes will reinstall the IOS without affecting the other data. It may take more than 15 mins and then the device automatically exits from the recovery mode.
  • Again try to press the volume buttons or the side button till the apple logo appears.

If still the issue persists then contact with the iphone customer service. Here iphone technical experts are present to resolve all the issues with iphone , ipad or any other Apple device. The iphone helpline number is 24/7 available so user can directly call at any time and ask the executives about the problem.

CAll US : 1 (855) 925-7087