iPhone Screen Not Working

Let Us Work To Get The Apple iPhone Screen Not Working

This is about Apple what we are going to talk about here which doesn't need any kind of introduction that what is Apple. So here we all across the globe are aware that Apple is a company which makes products such as smart phones, laptops and many other devices too. But as this is electronic product so we do not when it stops working or anything else. Here is one of a situation where the iPhone touch screen stops working or is unresponsive when touched and in this situation, if you’ll touch the screen and nothing works, swipes will stop, taps don’t work, and other touch on the screen doesn’t register anything.

In case the iphone screen not working then as you very well know that the device will not work or rather be unresponsive which is very frustrating so no need to panic here are some quick and helpful series of troubleshooting steps that may help to fix the problem.

  • First Of All, The Screen And Your Needs To Be Clean: Just to know that the screen is not clean or not all you need to do is do check the same in sunlight by just tilting it a bit just to see some gunk, oil, residues, liquids, moisture, dried crust, or anything else that may be obstructing the screen. After the screen is cleaned then wash your hands or your fingers to be extra sure because wet hands is a trouble.
  • Opt For Hard Reboot Of The Device: Many times restarting the iPhone many issues, but a hard reboot is often easier.
  • To Restart New iPhones Without Using Home Button: Just hold down the VOLUME DOWN button with the POWER BUTTON until you see the logo.
  • To Restart Old iPhones With A Clickable Home Button: Now hold the Home Button and the Power Button until you see the logo onto the screen.
  • If You Trace, Any Problematic App, Then Delete Or Re-install It: If the touch screen is not working in an application, you should update it first. Go to the App Store and check to see if any updates is available for the app, if yes, then install it.
  • Clean The iOS Storage: If the storage is unavailable then delete few apps otherwise it has storage available on the device. Then you can check this in Settings > General > Storage & Usage > Manage Storage.
  • Check If The Screen Is Not Cracked Or Damaged: If the iPhone has obvious visible damage and the iPhone touch screen is not working, the damage is likely to be the cause. In such a situation, take the iPhone to an authorized Apple repair center or an Apple store and have them give it a look.

To know if the above steps also don't help you then the best option for a quick and simple way is to contact the iPhone Customer Service which is available 24*7 and these are the professional with all the required knowledge and skills to get the user out of the situation.

Besides the above, we also have the iphone helpline number which is also given to user on the official site of Apple where just by calling the immediate solutions will be provided and also apart from this we have the live chat and email options too for them.

CAll US : 1 (855) 925-7087