iTunes Not Working

iPhone is Disabled Connect To iTunes Not Working

This error message says that your iPhone device is disabled. There are different sorts of reasons behind the problem and one of the common reason is mistyping of the passcode few times. This article will provide steps to fix a disabled iPhone using iTunes. There are different notifications reflecting the issue. The most notification is ‘iPhone is disabled. Try again in 1 minute’. That’s too bad of an error and wait some time for easy fixing of the problem. The issue gets serious when the notification is reflecting the message ‘iPhone is disabled. Try again in 60 minute’. That can be really annoying and the problem might take some time to get solved.

My iPhone is Disabled. Connect To iTunes. How To Fix The Error

The iphone is disabled connect to itunes not working is a common problem and can be solved easily. The iPhone can be erased using iTunes or iCloud, but it is recommended to use iTunes as it always works. The user needs to know the Apple ID and Password to make the changes. If the iPhone was signed into iCloud and the ‘Find My Phone’ feature is turned on, then use the option on iCloid to erase the iPhone. Choose iPhone after signing in to Apple and the select ‘Erase iPhone’. After the iPhone finishes erasing continue to the next section. Take help from iTunes customer service to enable the iPhone.

After The Restoration of iPhone With iTunes Follow The Steps-

  • Do you have the iPhone backup to iCloud before it was disabled? Unplug the iPhone from your computer and choose ‘Restore from iCloud Backup’ during the setup process.
  • Choose ‘Restore from iTunes backup’ during the setup process, if you have backed up your iPhone to iTunes before.
  • If the user is not having any backup then it is recommended to unplug the iPhone from the computer and setup up the iPhone while it is disconnected from iTunes.

Dial iTunes Customer Service Number for more advanced assistance to enable the disabled iPhone. Support experts will provide instant assistance for different iTunes or iPhone problems. Contact the technical experts to get the latest assistance.

CAll US : 1 (855) 925-7087