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When user has more than one email account and he need to check his emails from every one of them then it is very time consuming to login again and again in the accounts separately and checking and replying emails. Few email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo etc. has a feature to sync other accounts within themselves. This is called account forwarding. From Gmail, user can check his Hotmail account emails. He can send and receive emails through his Gmail account. While doing this, some times user may get some problems. Few common issues while syncing the Hotmail account within any account are :

  • Not able to receive emails
  • Any changes made by the user are not visible later.
  • Server issues
  • Others

  • If such issues arises, user will not be able to check his emails and it will be quite frustrating. So user can take the technical help from executives at hotmail Customer Service. These executives can help in resolving the issue with a better troubleshooting process. Following are the few things which user may check , if there is a syncing problem.

    1. 1. User can add five email accounts within an email account.
    2. 2. POP is not recommended because it doesn't shows the changes on the server. So user first check that the IMAP is enabled.
    3. 3. In Gmail, user can go to Settings, then on the tab Account Forwarding POP/IMAP.
    4. 4. Enable IMAP from there.
    5. 5. Check the username password provided for the Hotmail account are correct.
    6. 6.Check the port numbers if still the problem is there.

    With these changes, if user is still getting the syncing issue, he can call at the Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number. It is a 24/7 service where user can get the effective response immediately by the qualified and expert technicians.

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