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iTunes Phone Number

Address:Apple Campus, Cupertino, California, U.S.

1 (855)-925-7087

Monday:24 hours

Tuesday:24 hours

Wednesday:24 hours

Thursday:24 hours

Friday:24 hours

Saturday:24 hours

Sunday:24 hours

General Information

How To Solve Issue With iTunes Customer Service Phone Number

iTunes has a lot of power packed features and it enables the Apple users to hear music and save files in the cloud. There are many advanced features in iTunes like it has ‘Parental’ tool which enables the disabling of podcasts, radio, iTune store, and shared libraries. It has the advanced tab which tells the user about the location of the media files and organize the files. iTunes also enables easy sharing of music library or simply the playlist. Sound Enhancer is one such feature which can expand and brighten the sound coming from iTunes tracks. In Playback user can determine the interface of movies, TV shows, and music videos.

There have been instances where the iTunes users have come up to the support team with the problem iTunes setup on iPod or iPad. In this article we will discuss the setup steps on these devices. Syncing of the iTunes with the devices needs to be done correctly and we have come up with the best syncing steps. For advanced assistance there is also the option of iTunes customer service.

Here Are The Steps To Sync iPod Or iPad With iTunes On The Computer Using USB-

  • Firstly open the iTunes on the computer.
  • Connect the device (iPod or iPad) to the computer using a USB cable. Once the connection is done it will appear as the icon on the upper-left corner of the iTunes window.
  • Select the device icon. On the left side of the iTunes window look under ‘Settings’. A list of content types will be displayed from the library which can be synced. Look for some other tabs if you are not having certain contents the tab.
  • User need to now click on the content to be synced. Dial iTunes helpline number from the start to get the help from the experts.
  • Click the box next to Sync in the main iTunes window to turn on syncing for the content type.
  • Have you turned on the syncing for a content type? You can see the additional options to customize the sync settings.
  • Now repeat the steps 4-5 times for each of the content to be synced.
  • Finally click on the ‘Apply’ button which is located on the lower-right corner. It will help saving the sync settings. Click on ‘Sync’ button if it doesn’t start automatically.

Get the instant syncing steps from the best technical experts over iTunes toll free number. These support professionals are professionally trained to deal with the iTunes problems and they will be able to address the issues remotely. Reach out to the experts for any type of help and they will suggest instant solutions.

Get To Know About The iTunes And Troubleshooting Of It's Issues

Whenever one talks about the best media library and the best mobile management system, then the name of the iTunes always comes on the top in almost every discussion. Moreover, iTunes also comes to the rescue of the users whenever they want to either download or play the digital audio or video content. Now, in this article we will look at the troubleshooting steps of some of the most commonly faced issues of the iTunes users with the help of the iTunes customer service executives. 

Let's take a look at the steps which the users need to perform when they access their Apple account and the iTunes gets crashed.

  • So, in this situation, the iTunes technical support recommends everyone to update to the latest version of the iTunes on their device. 
  • Next the users should follow all the step by step instructions given on the manual and then they should accept the terms and conditions followed by accepting the agreement. 
  • Now, if the users are facing some problems on their iPad while installing the iTunes, then they should tap on the iTunes app in their device and then they should simply click on the button named as INSTALL NOW followed by entering the correct credentials. 
  • Moreover, after the installation is completed then the users have to again check whether the iTunes is available now on their iPad or not. 
  • Now, if you're facing problems while synchronizing your iTunes on the iPad then we want to let you know that the experts located on the iTunes toll free number suggests every user to firstly navigate to Settings app and then tapping on the Mail, contacts, and calendars. 
  • Next, it's the time to select the Apple iTunes option because that is the account which you want to sync with your iPad. 
  • Now, choose the iTunes option from the drop down menu and then further click on the button located there named as ALLOW and the synchronization will be started right now.

So, the above steps signify a large number of ways to solve many problems but in case, you think that you are not able to follow any of the above mentioned steps then there is no need to worry and you simply have to dial the iTunes helpline number.